6 kids' books from 2014 that hit uncomfortably close to home

From jealousy to farting, these 2014 kids' books capture the little uncomfortable moments of adult life.

1. My New Friend Is So Fun! by Mo Willems

Gerald (the elephant) sees Piggie playing with her new bat friend, and he is JEALOUS. Gerald, I know the sting you feel all too well: maybe Piggie will have so much fun with Bat, she won't need you anymore. I'm sure we'll outgrow these insecurities someday.

Read it to: the BFF who keeps breaking brunch plans.

2. Sam and Dave Dig a Hole, by Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen

You ever just KNOW you're on the brink of discovering something that will change your life? Sam and Dave keep digging aaaalmost to the giant diamonds, then deciding to change course, leaving readers shouting "NO! NO! It's RIGHT THERE!" 

Read it to: adults in your life whose purpose just plain eludes them.

3. Kid Sheriff and the Terrible Toads, by Bob Shea and Lane Smith

These master crooks can't STAND to hear someone else get credit for their low-down deeds, and they finally implicate themselves. Isn't that one of the theories on the Serial subreddit?

Read it to: the co-worker you KNOW is stealing your snacks from the break room fridge.

4. Rules of Summer, by Shaun Tan

If telling your younger sibling terrible things--such as that leaving one red sock on a clothesline will attract a giant, bloodthirsty hell-rabbit with eyes of fire that will hunt him down no matter where he hides--is wrong, then I don't want to be right. Incidentally, my big sister once told me that pizza is made from dead bodies in graveyards, and it BARELY interrupted my pizza eating habits.

Read it to: any siblings who still won't talk to you.

5. Once Upon an Alphabet, by Oliver Jeffers

Burn any bridges this year? This book gets you.

Read it to: anyone with regrets.

6. Toot, by Leslie Patricelli

I'm definitely too old to find farting so funny. And yet here we are.

Read it to: yourself, over and over.