All seasons and spaces for play

Your library offers a variety of play for your child, rain or no rain.

girls playing in libraryAs fall weather sets in and we get news of that rare thing called rain, it gets harder to plan for outdoor play with your child. How about stopping at your library?

Check out our kids events listings for storytimes for your baby, toddler, or preschooler...or just come in play with them in our picture book areas, where you'll find comfy floor space and toys near the picture books.  Ask the librarian for a new book to read with your child--though it's good for them to hear their favorites over and over, it's also good for them to hear you having fun with a story.  

We also offer all kinds of out-of-school activities for your school-age child, from art to chess to knitting to button making.  Or, you can just visit us online and Discover and Go with free museum passes available to you with your library card.

Oakland is lucky to have pretty welcoming winter weather, so your outdoor play shouldn't suffer too much.  But we're happy to be a dry and warm place for your children to play with their brains, with their hands, with each other. Stop by, even if it's just on your way to the park. 

Your librarian plays at Fairyland, circa 1974