Black History Homework

Get your students Black History Homework books asap! Supplies are limited!

Library Kid:   I have the hardest person EVER!!!!

Me: Who? 

Library Kid: I'll never find annnnnnything on herrrr... 

Me: Who?

Library Kid: Fannie Lou Hamer. 

Me: What about this book?  ( I pulled it out of our newly created Black History Books Display) 

Library Kid:  umm.... I wrote my report already.

Me: Really? Okay well you should take the book now anyway. Because if you "lose" your report before it's due the book might not be here.

Library Kid: 

This conversation and many more can be enjoyed by you and your child if you run to your nearest library and get the homework assignment book NOW. Odds are your child's teacher has already assigned your student the person they are required to study. Don't delay. But if you come later in the month and the books you need are all checked out, our online resources are ready to assist you!  And please pretty please for the love of accuracy and facts don't just "Google it". Ask a librarian to help you, or get started with the websites below. 

Biography in Context: An Oakland Public Library Database

You will need library card number and pin is required to use Biography in Context if you are not using a library computer.

African American Inventors

National Museum of African American History and Culture

National Geographic Kids: Black inventors and Pioneers of Science