Defy, Fly, and Dream in Honor of Women’s History Month

Pay tribute to Women's History Month with these new children's books!

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we honor both the tremendous triumphs of the past and the astounding achievements which have yet to come.  It is with this in mind, that I struggled to pour over countless books chronicling extraordinary women of former and present times.  It would be easy to highlight powerhouses, but how would I choose between Kamala Harris or Ruth Bader Ginsburg; Aretha Franklin or Selena; Sally Ride or Mae Jemison?  Instead, I hope to share with you some other titles that should not be overlooked. 

These wonderful titles below are just a sampling of the new books you may have missed while our doors have been closed. 

Women can DEFY. 

Graphic novels are one of my favorite formats, which is why I chose to start with this collection.  It comes together cohesively, featuring the stories of various women from history, each illustrated by different artists.  The best part?  Every woman’s story begins with a list of personal traits, encouraging the reader to “count all the things [they] have in common.” 

The introduction for this collection states the fact well – women's stories, particularly in fairytales and folktales, are often told through the eyes of men.  You will not find damsels in distress within; these stories justly portray clever and strong women who are more than capable of saving the day. 

Women can FLY. 

This sweet story chronicles the journey of a young girl who would become a Bay Area ballerina, through the sheer force of her plucky spirit and the help of a local bookmobile.  This lovely picture book reinforces the value of community and a girl’s power to shatter barriers. 

As if being the youngest woman to fly a single-engine across the world was not enough, Shaesta Waiz will impress readers with the obstacles she overcame and the work she continues to do.  This inspirational picture book ends with a message from Shaestawhose non-profit advocates for women in STEM and aviation. 

Women can DREAM. 

Have you ever wondered how groundbreaking women in STEM emerged?  This book of brief biographies includes fun facts, quotes, and a glossary.  As a bonus, the afterword includes tips for budding scientists! 

A young girl with cerebral palsy has a simple wish: she wants to dance.  Inspired by a girl named Eva, this picture book showcases a dance community which welcomes dancers of all abilities. 

And finally, a reminder to all of us who identify with the experience of womankind: 

This beautifully illustrated picture book personifies determination and grit through a young runner with real skin in the race.  Do not be deterred by the depictions of her stumble; the unstoppable message is well worth the effort. 

Happy reading, through Women’s History Month and beyond!