Every Child Ready to Read - Singing

Singing soothes the savage beast (and also helps prepare your child to be ready to read).

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Songs are a wonderful way for children to learn about language and pick up new words. Singing also slows down language so they can hear the different sounds that make up words. This helps when children begin to read printed language. There are some easy and fun things you can do with your child with songs and music.

  • Sing the alphabet song to learn about letters
  • Sing nursery rhymes so children hear the different sounds in words
  • Clap along to the rhythm in songs so children hear the syllables in words
  • Sing your own favorite songs so your child can share your passions

You are your child's first teacher, and your home is where your child begins to learn. Help your child get ready to read by providing early literacy opportunities around your home. In addition to singing, you can talk, read, write, and play with your child to help him/her get ready to read.

Talk and listen to your child as you prepare meals, do household chores, get ready for bed - any time is a good time for conversation.

Read books. Have them within easy reach. Make a special spot for books somewhere in your house. Come to the library often and find new books to make reading fun. Show your children how important reading is by reading yourself.

Draw & write. Keep paper and crayons or markers on a table where children can return again and again. Use magnetic letters on the refrigerator to spell words and messages.

Play. Have a prop box with inexpensive items that children can use for imaginative play. Bring out a box and pretend it's a spaceship or a train or a volcano and play with your child.