Hey kids, get cooking!

Come in today and grab a cookbook to share with your kids!

There are two cookbooks seeing heavy rotation in my kitchen right now: Afro-Vegan by Bryant Terry and Thug Kitchen.


Mmm-mmm! Please try the peach-pomegranate barbecue sauce in Afro-VeganBut what if the kids in your life want to cook? What can you do to help them? After you've finished whooping for joy, kicking your feet into the air, and pouring yourself a glass of relaxing wine, that is.

Why, you go to the library, of course, and check out one of these great cookbooks for kids!

The Garden Cook: grow, cook, and eat with kids, by Fiona Inglis. Inglis was a contestant on Australian Masterchef, and her recipes are perfect for kids who are 8-14 years old.

Garden to Table: a kid's guide to planting, growing, and preparing food, by Katherine Hengel. Another good one for slightly older kids.

Cool Lunches to Make and Take: easy recipes for kids to cook, by Lisa Wagner. This one will be great for the slightly younger set. We also have Cool African Cooking on order--why not place a hold today?

And now, my personal favorite and source of several of my staple recipes: the Easy Menu series.

I declare these to be the perfect books not just for junior chefs, but for busy adults on the go. The recipes are simple to follow, whip up fast, and most of the ingredients can be found in your standard pantry or at the corner store late at night (ask me how I know). There's Cooking the East African Way, Cooking the Vietnamese Way, and many many more!

Bon appetit!