LEGO Mania!

Legos in the library? YES.

Did you know that you can play with Legos (R) at Oakland Libraries? Six of our branches have monthly Lego parties. We don't even care if the children make noise!

Dimond Branch - First Fridays at 3:30 

Eastmont Branch - First Tuesdys at 4:00

Lakeview Branch - Second Fridays at 3:00

Main Library/Children's Room - Second Thursdays at 3:00

Piedmont Avenue Branch - First Fridays at 3:00

West Oakland Branch - Third Fridays at 3:00

Children have fun at these events, but the truth is, playing with Legos is also educational. Here are four fun facts about playing and its effect on children:

  1. Play is a timeless feature of human societies, and when combined with 21st Century learning it provides children and adults with opportunities to experiment with their surroundings as a form of problem solving.
  2. Through play, children explore and develop their multiple senses, which creates more brain synapses. This in turn contributes to a child’s overall intelligence.
  3. While playing, children can stretch and bend reality. All rules can be broken and all kinds of new rules can be invented.
  4. When children play with adult family members, it creates a stronger bond between them.

Playing with Legos (R) is a perfect way to experience all these benefits.