Nursery Rhymes Rock

Check out nursery rhymes from around the world at the library. They are silly and their rhythm will help your child learn how to read.

Regardless of where and when you grew up, rhymes are a part of childhood.  In the United States, Mother Goose rhymes are the most common but all rhymes are great fun to read with your very young child.  Not only are they silly, but they have a definite beat. That rhythm is an important way to show your child how to hear individual sounds in words.  Hearing the sounds in rhymes will help your child hear the sounds in words when reading them.  You can increase the fun time together and the impact of the rhythm by bouncing or moving along with the rhymes. Where can you find them?  Why, the library, of course!  Oakland libraries have rhymes from all around the world; some locations even have separate nursery rhyme sections.  Come in and check them out!

Baker, Keith.                 Cabrera, Jane                    Orozco, Jose Luis
Big Fat Hen.               Old Mother Hubbard.        Diez Deditos =
                                                                                          Ten Little Fingers

Cover of Big Fat Hen

                Cover of Old Mother Hubbard                 Cover of Diez Deditos


Crews, Nina.                   Opie, Iona.                  Wu, Faye-Lynn
The Neighborhood      My Very First             Chinese & English
Mother Goose                Mother Goose            Nursery Rhymes

Cover of the Neighborhood Mother Goose              Cover of Mother Goose                 Cover of Chinese & English Nursery Rhymes