Oh, LiLo! Arabic Resources at OPL

If only Lindsay Lohan had taken advantage of OPL's Arabic language resources before her Instagram fail!

By now you've probably heard about Lindsay Lohan's Instagram gaffe--yesterday, she tweeted a picture of Arabic writing with the English words "You are beautiful" underneath. Except that the Arabic words in the picture don't mean "You are beautiful;" they mean "you're a donkey." Whoops! 

If LiLo wanted to build some skills in Arabic, she could very well start at the Oakland Public Library. Did you know that OPL offers language learning courses you can access for free with your library card? Follow this link, and scroll until you see Transparent Language Online. When you sign in with your library card number, you can begin an audio program on any language you like. Great resource for travelers, btw.

But what if Lindsay wants a more intensive course, with a book to go along with her lessons? She could check out one of OPL's language kits, which contain both print books and CDs with audio instruction. Here are the kits we have on learning Arabic. If you don't see one at your local branch, you can place a hold and have it sent to any Oakland library location. We also have language learning kits for Arabic speakers who want to learn English.

Once the former Mean Girl has some basic skills in her repertoire, she could check out some books in Arabic from any of the branches in this list. Our Arabic circuit collection is relatively new and growing, and has books for adults and children. The book that appears in the thumbnail is Alwān al-ḥayawānāt = Animal colors, by Brian Wildsmith.

What we're saying, Lindsay Lohan, is that your buddies at the Oakland Public Library have got you covered. Next time.