Earth Day Electronic Resources for Teens and Others

By Ashley Bonifacio, Teen Services Youth Development Librarian

With the world at home sheltering in place, a correlation between the decrease in daily human activity and the environment has been a topic of interest in the media these last few weeks. Talks about the decrease in air pollution in countries with high carbon emissions like India, as well as sightings of rare wildlife in urban streets, has encouraged humanity to think about its impact on the natural world.

With Earth Day on Wednesday April 22nd, what better way to think about the Earth and the impact we have on the environment than to check out the electronic resources we have on the subject. Whether you are a passionate environmentalist or someone just wanting to learn a little more, these resources will help you find your voice on various environmental issues.

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Not sure where you stand? Get a complete view of differing perspectives by visiting Gale’s in Context: Opposing Viewpoints. Opposing Viewpoints contains primary and secondary resources that range from viewpoint articles and topic interviews in addition to videos, podcasts, statistics and full-text magazine and news articles. This database is especially good if you are writing an opinion piece or position assignment for school.

Just by browsing the issues, you can see find many relevant topics including the Flint Water Crisis, Food Waste, Sustainability, Renewable Energy, Green Cities, and so much more.

Similar to Opposing Viewpoints, Gale’s in Context: High School database is a great way to introduce yourself to the different resources available on environmental studies. The interface is very user-friendly where you can browse by issue or type an issue of interest in the search box. From there you can narrow down a subject further by selecting your content type.

Want to learn more about Earth Day and top environmental issues? Check out the World Environment Earth Day section in Newsbank: Hot Topics. Newsbank provides information on a variety of hot topic issues and also provides access to full-text articles from the Oakland Tribune. You can browse articles, videos and can also get connected to other reputable websites. Newsbank also gives you the flexibility to browse by subject so you can narrow down your search by location (if you’re interested in environmental issues by geography), specific environmental issues such as “global water shortages” and so on.

OPL also subscribes to various magazines that you can check out online on RB Digital. All you need is your library card number. ID (Ideas & Discoveries) Magazine is a science and nature magazine and May’s issue focuses on climate change. Check it out online by clicking here.

If you simply want to look at beautiful pictures and read some articles about the world and its wildlife, check out National Geographic’s magazine here.

Happy Earth Day!