Remembering César Chávez 

Books, DVDs and electronic resources on the life and work of César Chávez created by OPL librarian Dorothy Lazard.

March 31st is César Chávez Day. In honor of the civil rights and labor movement activist (1927-1993), this week's Oakland Grown post features books, DVDs and e-books, highlighting his life and work.

From the Jaws of Victory Strike! Trampling out the VintageTo March for Others

         The Crusades of Cesar Chavez Chasing the Harvest Cesar Chavez

From the Jaws of Victory : The Triumph and Tragedy of Cesar Chavez and the Farm Worker Movement / Matthew Garcia (2012)
This is the most comprehensive history ever written on the meteoric rise and precipitous decline of the United Farm Workers, the most successful farm labor union in United States history. Based on little-known sources and one-of-a-kind oral histories with many veterans of the farm worker movement, this book revises much of what we know about the UFW.

Strike! : the farm workers' fight for their rights [electronic resource] / Larry Dane Brimner (2014)
In Strike!, award-winning author Larry Dane Brimner dramatically captures that story. Brimner, a master researcher, fills this riveting account of the strike and its aftermath with the words of migrant workers, union organizers, and grape growers, as well as archival images that capture that first strike in 1965 and the ones that subsequently followed.

Trampling out the vintage : Cesar Chavez and the two souls of the United Farm Workers / Frank Bardacke (2011)
Trampling Out the Vintage is the authoritative account of the rise and fall of the United Farm Workers and its most famous and controversial leader, César Chávez. Based on many years of interview--with farm workers, organizers, and the opponents and friends of the UF--the book tells a story of collective action and empowerment rich in evocative detail and stirring human interest.

To march for others : the black freedom struggle and the United Farm Workers / Lauren Araiza (2014)
This book explores the reasons why activists from five African American civil rights organizations committed to their own fight for equality during the 1960s, crossed racial, socioeconomic, geographic, and ideological divides to align themselves with a union of predominantly Mexican American farm workers in rural California.

Cesar Chavez and United Farm Workers [electronic resource] / Federal Bureau of Investigation (1999)
César Chávez was the Founder and Director of the National Farm Workers Association, later known as the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee. The FBI investigated Mr. Chavez and his organization based on allegations in 1965 that he and others within the organization had communist affiliations.

Fighting for our lives [DVD] : the United Farm Workers' 1973 grape strike (2005)
This documentary tells the history of the United Farm Workers' 1973 strike against the growers of table grapes in California. Features César Chávez and shows actions taken by law enforcement groups and members of the Teamsters Union in an attempt to break the strike.

Delano Manongs : forgotten heroes of the United Farm Workers (2016)
The Delano Manongs tells the story of farm labor organizer Larry Itliong and a group of Filipino farm workers who instigated one of the American farm labor movement's finest hours - The Delano Grape Strike of 1965 that brought about the creation of the United Farm Workers Union (UFW). This documentary is available to view free on Kanopy with your library card.

The crusades of Cesar Chavez : a biography / Miriam Pawel (2014)
Examines the myths and achievements marking the life of the iconic labor leader and civil rights activist, portraying him as a flawed but brilliant strategist who was often at odds with himself.

Chasing the harvest : migrant workers in California agriculture / edited by Gabriel Thompson (2017)
This book of oral histories makes the reality of farm work visible in accounts of hardship, bravery, solidarity, and creativity in California's fields, as real people struggle to win new opportunities for future generations.

Cesar Chavez : Latino American civil rights activist / by Grace Hansen (2016)
This children’s book presents an account of the life of the Mexican American labor activist who helped organize the migrant farm workers and establish a union to fight for their rights.