#OPLSummer Week 6: Wellness

Someone asked a librarian what is "wellness week" - could we just walk around the block or eat some kale? The answer is YES!  The definition of wellness varies for each individual. The focus this week is on mind, body and spirit. What make you happy? What makes you feel good? What can you do to promote a healthy lifestyle? 

These are the activities you can do to earn a star on the paper log or badge in Beanstack.

READ * (you can read whatever you want, these are just suggestions)



Other activities for your consideration:  

Black Culture Fest 2021

Last February a team of Black library staff at the Main Library came together for a day-long Black History Read-In & Culture Fest. You can view some photos and video from the Verse-atility program. 

This year a month-long celebration includes: 


I’ll be hosting  the Trivia Hour highlighting children's books but the questions will appeal to all ages. There will be prizes for local participants. Check out these book for clues.