Guide to services & materials for persons with disabilities


Library users can use the California Relay Service to call the library. (1-800-735-2929 TTY, 1-800-735-2922 Voice, or just dial 711). Callers are connected to an operator who can transmit spoken words to a recipient with a TTY, or vice versa.

There is also Speech to Speech, a form of Relay Services that provides Communications Assistants (CAs) for people with speech disabilities who have difficulty being understood on the phone. (1-800-854-7784, or 711).

Assisted Listening

phonic ear listening assistive system is available for use at library-sponsored programs, with 5 working days notice. This is for the hard of hearing.

Sign language interpretersreal-time captioning, or audio translation are available for library-sponsored programs, with 5 working days notice.


There is a Sorenson Videophone or VRS station in the Lobby at the Main Library. People who are deaf can telephone others using a television and a camera. They can call using sign language, either to a hearing recipient using a relay operator, or to someone else deaf who has a VRS set up. The maximum use per person is 1 hour a day.

Assisted Walking

Rollators (walkers) are available at the Main Library and Dimond Branch for use within the library. They are equipped with a large basket for carrying library materials to the checkout desk, plus they all come with a seat and backrest for when one might need to take a break.

Adaptive Software

An Adaptive technology station at the Main Library is in the "Kurzweil Room" across from the circulation desk. A workstation includes sit-stand tables, JAWS, ZoomText, Kurzweil 1000 and 3000. Inspiration, Internet, word processing, and library catalogs. To use the computer you need your library card and a pin number. Computers can be reserved three days in advance. Maximum 2 hours per day.

JAWS is a screen reader, reading aloud information from the computer screen. Ask for a list of available off-site training locations.

KURZWEIL 1000 READING MACHINE for blind users can scan and read a book aloud in English, Spanish, French.

KURZWEIL 3000 is a reading program for people with learning disabilities. This machine scans a text or the Internet and reads it aloud at the same time as it displays it on the monitor. It includes a dictionary and many study aids. It also will scan and read in other languages.

INSPIRATION software is installed in the Kurzweil room and the Teen Zone at Main. Inspiration helps 6th to 12th grade students. Students build graphic organizers to represent concepts and relationships and use the integrated outlining capability to further organize ideas for reports.

Picture of disability services logo

The City of Oakland is committed to serving all Oaklanders with disabilities. Read the City of Oakland’s Notice of Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you believe you or someone you represent has been discriminated against due to disability, you are encouraged to submit an ADA Grievance. If you require assistance, contact the ADA Programs Division at 510.238.5219 or at