Meeting Room FAQs

Reserving the Meeting Room

How can I reserve the meeting room?

The meeting room can be booked by submitting an application and payment--if needed--to the scheduling coordinator for your selected meeting room location.  Before submitting an application, please contact the scheduling coordinator in advance to check on room availability.

Who do I contact about reserving the meeting room?

You may contact the library location’s scheduling coordinator or branch manager by viewing the list here.

Can I use the meeting room before the library opens or after it closes?

The room can only be used during the library’s open hours.  Click here for library hours.

Can I use the meeting room before my scheduled time to set up?

The meeting room can only be used within your scheduled time.  When booking the meeting room, please be sure to allow for time to set up, restore the room to order, and vacate within your reserved time. 

Where can I find the application to book the meeting room?

You can access this link to download the meeting room application.

How can I submit my meeting room application?

You can submit your application in person, by mail, e-mail or fax.

Library addresses and fax numbers are listed here.

When should I submit my meeting room application and payment?

Your meeting room application and payment can be submitted between three weeks and three months in advance of your requested reservation time.   

Meeting Room Fees

How much does it cost to use the meeting room?

Meeting room fees can be viewed here.

Are non-profits charged for using the meeting room?

Most non-profits are charged a reduced fee of $15/hr for reserving the meeting room.  Please view the  meeting room fee schedule for further information. 

How can I pay for my reservation?

Payment may be made by cash, check, money order, credit or debit card.  Please make your payment payable to the “Oakland Public Library”.  Credit or debit card payments can only be made online with a valid Oakland Public Library card through your patron account. 

Can I pay online?

You can pay online with a valid Oakland Public Library card and a credit or debit card using your patron account.  A meeting room fee must first be entered by the scheduling coordinator before an online payment can be made.  Please be sure to pay your meeting room fee promptly to avoid a restriction on your library privileges and then notify the scheduling coordinator so they can finalize your reservation.

What is your refund policy for cancellations?

Meeting room refunds are not available.  

Meeting Room Size/Equipment/Setup

What is the size of the meeting room?

Please contact  the library where you wish to meet.  A room’s capacity can be found by clicking here .

How many people can the meeting room hold?

A room’s capacity can be found here.

Will someone set up for me?

Any set up or clean up needed for an event must be done by your group within your reserved time.

Does the meeting room have a screen and projector?

Some meeting rooms have screens but groups must provide their own equipment needs, including projectors.  Please ask staff for specifics.

Are there tables and chairs in the meeting room?

All meeting rooms are equipped with tables and chairs.


Can food be eaten in the meeting room?

Food can be eaten in the meeting room.  Meeting room groups must be sure to dispose of all waste before leaving the room.  Alcohol is not permitted.

Can food be cooked in the meeting room?

Groups may bring in prepared food.  Meeting rooms do not offer cooking equipment or kitchen supplies. 

Meeting Room Policy

Where can I find your meeting room policy?

The meeting room policy can be found here.