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You may now return LINK + materials in the bookdrops at all OPL locations.  Please note that we will not be able to issue a receipt, and that all materials will be quarantined for 4 days before being checked in. 

LINK+ gives you free access to millions of books, DVDs, audiobooks, and CDs from over 60 libraries!

The Oakland LINK+ is a combined catalog of over 11 million items from 64 libraries throughout California and Nevada. With your Oakland Public Library card, you can request any LINK+ item that isn't available from OPL to be delivered to your local branch in about a week.   

Just click on the LINK+ symbol in the Oakland Public Library catalog if you don't find what you want in our collection. 

Then click "Request" for that item in the LINK+ catalog. 

Fill in the requested information and choose the branch where you want to pick up the item. LINK+ will tell you if the item is available. 

Most LINK+ requests arrive in less than a week. You will be told when it arrives at your branch. Need more help? Ask your librarian, call the LINK+ office at (510) 238-2124, or see the FAQ below. 

You can also search the LINK+ Catalog directly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my PIN?

Your PIN would have been set up when you applied for your library card. If you do not have a PIN or have forgotten your PIN and it needs to be reset, you can do so by calling or visiting any Oakland Public Library location. 

What if my library card is expired?

LINK+ will not work with an expired library card. Your card expires every 3 years, and you can renew it by calling, emailing, or visiting any Oakland Public Library location. 

How long can I keep my LINK+ item?

You can borrow most LINK+ items for 21 days, with one renewal of 21 more days.  LINK+ digital media lending periods vary depending upon the lending library.  Digital materials may be loaned for 7 to 21 days – be sure to check the expiration date.  Some libraries allow renewals on digital materials and some do not. 

How much does LINK+ cost?

LINK+ is free, as long as your materials are returned on time. Just like OPL items, LINK+ items do not accrue late fees. However, there is a $115 fee for lost items. 

How will I find out that my item has arrived?

You will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address in your library record when your LINK+ item arrives.  

How long do I have to pick up my item?

LINK+ materials will be held at the branch for up to 7 days. 

How are LINK+ items checked out?

Just like OPL items. Check out the LINK+ items at your branch when you are notified that they have arrived. 

How are LINK+ items returned?

When you are done with an item, return it to any OPL checkout desk and ask for a receipt.  While LINK+ items may be returned in a drop box, it is best to take them in to one of our branch locations. 

If you have any further questions, please ask your librarian or call the OPL LINK+ office at (510) 238-2124.